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Easy Budget

from Easy Budget
Available for Windows and Macintosh

Production budget template designed to work with all spreadsheets and most computers (Windows and Macintosh)

What It's For
John Thomas has over 20 years of experience budgeting film and TV productions-which he's enjoyed. He's also had several years of experience with stand-alone budgeting software-which he hated. His solution was to develop Easy Budget. Now, not only is he happier with his job, producers are happier with their budgets. Thomas has built over two decades of cost-saving insight into these templates, which means they develop budgets that are dramatically more cost effective.
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quickly answers "What If?" (you shoot an extra day, use additional talent, etc.)
  • Supports Color Printing

Versions are available for both feature films and commercials.

Feature Film Version (shown above) --This is the budget to use for estimating the cost of shooting a feature film and presenting those figures to the people who will be financing the production.

It's a check list of all typical expenses and a versatile tool for testing and adjusting a film budget.

TV Commercial Version--These templates produce bidding budgets that conform with the AICP standards required by most ad agencies and clients and will actualize a budget during or after production.

These are also good templates for corporate video budgets, since they assume the production is being done for a client who will be comparing multiple competitive bids.

Both Versions--Either version of Easy Budget gives you the best of both worlds: all the reliability of the latest spreadsheet programs plus fill-in-the-blank convenience. Previously, this industry-savvy specialization was available only in stand-alone software costing much more and characterized by that two-guys-in-a-garage-who-would-rather-be-golfing level of buginess and technical support.

Easily selected options let you choose between union and non-union on a line-item basis. For all costs with AFTRA, SAG or other union implications, all benefits, payroll taxes and overtime expenses are automatically calculated and easy to track. A high level of built-in intelligence automatically calculates expenses for catering, travel, housing and per diem, based on size of crew, number of talent, length of production, number of locations and different levels of accommodations required.

How It's Used
Load the Easy Budget template into your spreadsheet and choose the days per week and total time you will be shooting. You then have all of the variables laid out in front of you, ready for you to drop in your numbers. An abundance of budgeting tips help control cost. $5,000 was saved on a single feature production, compared with the figure calculated by the industry's best-known stand-alone software. The user's guide is so concise and practical that several top university film programs are using it as a textbook.

The templates for commercials let you track actuals. As production progresses, you can enter actual amounts spent. This helps you better track and manage your budget, anticipate potential overages, create a more accurate reference for future budgets and provide documentation to clients of how every dollar was spent.

Who Needs It
Anyone who wants to save time, save money and reduce hassles when budgeting films, commercials or videos. Beginners will find this an easy education yielding usable first-time results. Experts will appreciate the years of expertise and insight behind every feature.

System Requirements

Any Macintosh or Windows computer running a currently popular spreadsheet, including Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro Pro. Will not work with Microsoft Works or Claris Works.

Need More Information?
If you want more information about Easy Budget, bookmark this page so you can come back to filmmakerstore for the best price, then visit their company web site.

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