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StoryBoard Quick Demo
and online tutorial

 StoryBoard Quick Splash  

StoryBoard Quick is the easy-to-use previsualization application designed for Directors, Writers, Producers, Cinematographers, Videographers to quickly visualize and communicate shot ideas...whether on the set or during pre-production or pitching stories.

[Available on Windows and Macintosh]

  NEW StoryBoard Quick 3.1 has introduced another new element to speed up the communication process:
Import Scripts [from all popular screenwriting programs including Microsoft Word] directly into the Caption windows so you can have your scripts and boards with you wherever you are shooting.
 Import Scripts

SBQ Screenshot

Getting Started: The main frame window is where you compose each shot.
The frame's size is determined by choosing an appropriate aspect ratio for your project using Frames menu: Aspect Ratio. Each object you place (import, draw or choose from StoryBoard Quick's libraries) into the frame is on its own layer. The images can be dragged (repositioned) using the mouse, so elements can be composited.

1. Adding a Character from the Library.
Click on one of the five Quick Character Library icons and a Character Grid opens.  When the mouse enters the character icon, a preview window will show you a full image of the character to help you make your choice.

Library Toolbar
Character Preview

The pre-drawn characters in the libraries are provided in different actions and various rotations ready for immediate use. The character you choose will appear in the frame (in the action and rotation) .

Character Front

Vertically: a character is available in five pre-drawn action positions.
  • walking
  • sitting
  • running
  • jumping
  • prone
  • Library Palette Horizontally: each action is in the following rotations:
    • facing front
    • quarter right
    • profile right
    • back
    • profile left
    • quarter left

    2. Zoom a character with one of the Zoom Tools.
    Notice that the selected character either zooms closer or pushes farther back when clicking the plus or minus in the toolbar. [Click on the character once placed into the frame, and then click on "+" or "-" icon.

    Zoom Tools

    Zoom Character  

    3. Rotate a character using one of the Rotation Tools.
    Notice how the selected character will change their facing direction with each click of the rotate right or rotate left icon. [ Click on the character to select it and then click on a rotation arrow.]

    Rotation Tools
    Rotating Character

    4. Next Add a Location : Click on the Location icon button to open the location list.


    Choose a location and the image is automatically be placed into the background layer in the frame. [Exteriors to interiors; walls, empty rooms; bar room to church pews.] Locations are objects too, so you can change your view by clicking and dragging or zooming the location to use just a piece of it.

    Quick Locations have wide choices

    After location scouting with your digital camera, substitute any temp image by importing video capture images in appropriate frame. Or "location scout" on the internet at film commission or chamber of commerce sites. Check out the location site of the month:

    Import Actual Location Scout Images

    5. Add Props to fill out the scene.  Click the Prop Icon and the Prop Grid will appear.


    When we say props, we mean PROPS!
    There are hundreds of props available in the Prop Grid. Each thumbnail represents a category of props available. StoryBoard Quick also supports GIF images making easy to use images from internet sources.

    There are shapes (to build your own sets), doors, windows, chairs and curtains,
    There are trees, houses, fences, telephone poles, crowds, animals and prop babies...

    Hundreds of prop images

    But wait there's more!...planes, trains and automobiles; sailboats, fire, water, splashes and even a river .....

    More Props

    ....and director's tools: directional arrows and director movement tools (zoom in, dolly, tilt icons).

    Direction ArrowsDirector Tools

    6. Add a Caption to describe your shot: dialog for the scene or camera movement.
    Choose Show Caption from the Captions Menu and a window will appear where you can add text. Each frame has its own caption area.

    Caption MenuCaption Window
    7. Creating the next frame: Make more frames by choosing commands from the Frames menu... then add characters, locations, and props for the next shot in your sequences.

    Frames Menu

    8. Changing the order of the shots after you've created them: Each frame is saved as you create a new frame in your sequence. The order of the frames can be changed using the Shuffle function in Overview. Simply click on the frame and move into new position. The captions travel with the frame image.

    Overview and Shuffle Frames

    9. NEW Import your scripts!
    Import TXT or FCF text from screenwriting programs or word processors.
    The Import choices parse script elements into storyboard captions making it even easier to organize your project. For example: Make a new frame every Slugline and then simply fill in the pictures. [Works with exported text from all screenwriting programs and Microsoft Word.]

    Import FCF Scripts

    10. When you're finished, choose print layout by clicking the Print Preview button on the toolbar.

    Print Preview

    In the Print Preview window, choose the style of storyboard that best suits your needs. From one board per page to sixteen per page, your choice can be made quickly from the pop-up menu.

    Printing Choices

    Example Boards

    These boards compliments of storyboard artist Bryon Thompson.

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